CoolSculpting: Fat Reduction with Less Risk

Looking for a simple way to remove difficult areas of unwanted fat without surgery? CoolSculpting® is an amazing fat-freezing procedure for the abdomen, thighs, arms, chin and even the dreaded muffin topIf you can nickname or squeeze it, we can freeze it!

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Give your stubborn fat, an icy cold goodbye. This FDA-approved treatment freezes your fat cells, breaks them down, and lets your body naturally flush them away. It requires no surgery, anesthesia or needles. Along with the incredible results, CoolSculpting® leaves your skin, muscles and surrounding tissues completely healthy.


It gets chilly, but we’ll keep you warm. During your treatment our team will provide you a warm robe. Cozy up, watch TV or take a nap while your fat cells freeze away. Wondering what it feels like? When CoolSculpting® begins, you may feel some pinching and pulling as the suction technology draws the fat between two cooling plates. But after about five to ten minutes, the treatment area becomes numb and the machine really starts working its magic.


Because it takes time for your body to metabolize the fat naturally, this procedure does not yield immediate results, however many patients will see a significant reduction in the fat on treated areas.*  Results vary from patient to patient depending on the treatment area, though some patients report seeing a significant reduction in the treatment area, some even going down a pants size*! After treatment, you can continue your normal daily routine. Most patients require two treatments within a span of four weeks. That’s it! As long as you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your results will be long lasting.

Customized Treatment Plan

 1.  Our certified CoolSculpting Specialists work with you to create a custom treatment plan to target all of your areas of concern to help ensure the best results possible.

2.  During treatment, a cooling plate is placed on the desired treatment areas.  Chill for a little while as the plates do their job, destroying the fat cells in the desired areas.  You can return to normal activities immediately after treatment, there’s no downtime!

3.  Results vary from patient to patient depending on the treatment area, though some patients report seeing a significant reduction in the treatment area, some even going down a pants size*!

“CoolSculpting 1st of 3 procedures.  Didn’t know what to expect, went great.  I was able to exercise that night and even the next morning.  Looking forward to my results when the procedure is completed.  I would recommend to those that don’t want to go under the knife.  Stephanie and Laura were absolutely AWESOME!!  I felt very comfortable here.”*Julie C. | 5 star review
“CoolSculpting laser procedure went very well. Paula administered the treatment and she explained thoroughly each step of the procedure. The procedure was not uncomfortable at all. A little pulling when the treatment began, similar to a mammogram.  After a couple minutes all feeling of discomfort goes away. Afterward, massage of the area treated felt good. One day after, I have a tiny bit of bruising in one area of four that was treated. I highly recommend this procedure. No downtime at all! Paula was wonderful!”*

Linda R. | 5 star review
“I had my first CoolSculpting treatment on Friday. Paula took care of me start to finish. I was so scared actually going into my treatment but was quickly relieved in my room. I’m somewhat of a control freak which surprisingly enough I turned over to Paula. She took all my fears & crushed them!! Everything has been exactly as was explained. I was so excited to have this done & she shared my enthusiasm if not having more. I can’t wait to have my next treatment & see my results. I’ll definitely have Paula in my corner! Allure is lucky to have such an amazing woman on their team!! Sincerest Thanks…”*Tiffany S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, CoolSculpting is considered cosmetic and is a voluntary procedure.  Because of this, it is not covered under insurance.
Package costs will vary from patient to patient as everyone’s needs are different.  Package pricing begins at $2200 and includes 2 treatments and Allure’s own CoolSculpt Gaurantee.
Like most of Allure’s services, same day treatment is available!  If you are interested in same day treatment, please be sure to mention it when you call to schedule your free consultation.
Before your consultation, all you need to do is prepare your questions for our team of certified CoolSculpt Technicians.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes to your appointment.  We recommend gym shorts, yoga pants, sweatpants, etc.  Due to the nature of this procedure and location of treatment, you might have some damp spots on your clothing; we recommend bringing a spare set of clothes.  You should also eat before your appointment, but nothing too heavy.

No, there is no downtime at all!  Some patients may experience temporary redness, numbness, or bruising, but since there are no needles, no incisions, or anything put inside the body, you can resume all normal activities immediately after treatment.
If you experience soreness or pain, you can take Tylenol or Motrin as needed and wear compression garments.  Aspercream can be used to help alleviate numbness as the feeling comes back after treating.  You can also apply heat or cold to the treated area as needed.
CoolSculpting is a one of a kind procedure.  The only other alternatives to CoolSculpting available on the market that work are surgeries or diet and exercise.
CoolSculpting is offered in Allure’s Shelby Township, Livonia, Clarkston, and Southgate offices.
Treatment takes anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on how extensive of a treatment plan you have. You’ll begin seeing results within a few weeks with full results appearing in the months following (4).
CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved procedure for fat reduction. Once the fat is treated, the dead cells are naturally processed. Fat is unlikely to migrate to another part of your body and even if you gain weight, the growth in the treated areas should be less than in an untreated area (5).
The better answer might be who isn’t a candidate?  If you are obese, gaining weight, or not in control of your weight, this is not the procedure for you.  A lifestyle change is needed.  A good candidate is within 25 or so pounds of their ideal weight and has isolated bulges of fat.  The lower belly and flanks are perfect examples.  Generally speaking, if you can squeeze the fat pocket, we can freeze it.
Only our team of certified CoolSculpt specialists do the treatments at Allure Medical.  Each member of the CoolSculpt team has been certified by CoolSculpt University to ensure that their training and expertise is the best it can be.


The CoolSculpting® team at Allure Medical can’t wait to welcome you to the CoolSculpting® Club. Patient care and satisfaction are among our top priorities and we look forward to working with you on your personalized treatment plan. Allure’s certified CoolSculpting® technicians have extensive backgrounds in both esthetics and medical assisting along with certifications from the official CoolSculpting® University training program.

Michigan Offices offering CoolSculpting

Shelby Township, MI
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Livonia, MI
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Clarkston, MI
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